We are not distributed like others seedbanks, but we will be there for years producing our own hybrids.
I started growing, smoking in 1984, and breeding fem seeds in 2006, there 
was 4 seedbanks producing fem seeds only, from these 4 seedbanks, only a 
few were breeder/owner. 
I worked with the sts during 12 consecutive years. 
I learned how to increase fem seeds production. How to increase fem 
pollen production, how to help synchronise dificult pollination. 
How to extend pollen production time for up to 2-3 months if needed, and 
availability. How to boost your chances of getting fem pollen. 
Early pollination tecniques. Getting plenty of fem pollen for a quick 
and generous pollination. 
The best fertilisers to use to trigger, reversed, staminate flower 
clusters, for an early fem pollen production. 
The limits of sts and downsides, what to avoid. The best atmosphere for 
breeding. Fertilisers to help produce healthy seeds. 
Ch9 Blue Lemon Thai, the legendary quality crossed to Ch9 Aroma, read 
the aroma background, Peter was in mendocino in 2000 with Milan Hopkins 
on Kasten street fighting for Proposition 215, 
There is nothing behind the best marketing, i do not beleive in cups, 
and cup hoarders and i see fraud behind popularity. 
I do not like hypes, despite a distributor boycott on Ch9 who started in 
2012, we could not be distributed like all other seedbanks, we invested 
our time in breeding, and producing seeds for other buyers. 
Our strains end up in the best dispensaries.
You will love the aroma of the crosses we produced. We went from 45 strains to work with 4-6 only, for years, we worked with our best and most potent strains
The greed we did'nt invested in cannabis cups reflects in the quality of 
the hybrids we have produced. 
We produce very potent hybrids, who dispels repeatability effects, with a mind bending soaring high.
If you buy from us, you will grow fabulous, beautifiul plants and you will be reward with a biggest harvest, more yields. The greed we do not invest in shows or cups and advertisments is reflected in the quality of our hybrids. In 2007 when Pete started breeding fem seeds, there was not so many seedbanks, breeder/owner around. There is soul in our hybrids and lot of passion.
I was in Mendocino in 2000, Northen California, sharing offices with Milan Hopkins, the only MD allowed to offer lifetime Marijuana card at that time, near highway 1 where Richard White MD has his offices and dispensarie, nearby David Moore's farm.
Engineering Bountiful Uplifting Floral Hybrids and Harvests.
Some of our first female cross were cubed and pollinated with a mixed of pollen, we do not use this tecnic all the time, for all crosses. Otherwise it was very beneficial at creating vigorous plant, a lot of interesting phenotypes and mother plants.
With our last crosses, we just produced some female pollen and pollinated other varieties to create some original cross, who do not show so many phenotypes indeed. We could stabilized the female gender of each plants. Some were just crossed, some twice backcrossed, cubed, "Cubing involves a certain amount of random mating and is used to create desirable Female or mothers plants,Cubing is a way to generate mother plants in small populations. "Hundred were tested under heavy stress, half burned, the plants never showed a hermaphrodite tendency, not even a single one. Pollination appears naturally, we do not use natural hermaphrodite plant. While cubing we well kept a lot of hybrid vigor to the new crosses. Cubing and creating new crosses help to decrease repeatability & resistance we built while smoking. CH9 for Alternative Healing. "Vigor: Large size is often also a sign of healthy vigorous growth. A plant that begins to grow immediately will usually reach a larger size and produce a higher yield." The plants are well stabilized, you will not find so many different phenotypes.
Dispelling the resistance and repeatability of high tolerance during daily use.
We appreciate an uplifting high that is why we recommend to respect our flowering time, and to avoid a long dehydrating curing. (3-5 days of good drying is enough for fast aromatic strains, other hazes varieties required more curing). For an energical high, most ch9's can be harvested from day 49 to 65 easily with a minimum of 15-20 days of vegetation & should be smoke or vaporize ultra sticky, if well preserved, the buds will stay resinous a long time, evolving pretty well.
The most floral buds in Northern California has inspired us to breed. I meant very floral, refreshing, uplifting buds, with fresh glands, some seems they will never dry, ultra sticky, very motivational and uplifting, that dispel high resistance towards daily use. It comes without the repeatability of common cannabis. 
We started growing pot in the 1985, indoor & outdoor. Then in California, which occurred in 1996, where we could smoke and test new rare strains from private gardens, along with all the green fresh Mid-grade from San Diego. In 2000 we moved to the Mendocino & Albion area, in northern California, north of San Francisco. Then back in Europe in 2004.
Searching for rare genetics, for a nice & deep high, for recreation or therapy, we never stopped collecting, testing, smoking new strains around the world for the last 31 years.
We were member of the OCBC Oakland Cannabis buyer's cooperative, for a Medical Marijuana program.
These genetics are exclusive. Breeding for flavor and crossing fast resinous plant for healing is always our goal.
Thank you,


Peter from Ch9 Seeds.