Germination Guide

*For best germination results :

- Put the seeds into a coffee filter, moisten the filter and enclose it
inside a plastic or ziplock bag until they germinate 24-48 hours in a dark warm place 22-26 degrees Celsius.
- No osmoses water for germinating seeds.
- Then plant the seeds in a good soil. Small peat moss recipients 
or root riots for germination can help you if you want re-transplant the plant lower in the soil without damaging the young roots.
 After that, give plenty of root space & soil to your plants. 

*What we recommend for best plant results :

- Transplant lower the plants the first days. At the level of the cotyledons leaves (but not too low) . Youngs plants often loose energy
to stand up the first days, while they stretched a lot, by transplanting lower,you help the plants by providing a better balance, it helps the
plants building stronger branches and getting a nice structure, re-transplant at the level of the cotyledons leaves, leave the
cotyledons 1/4 inche above the soil.
- Use a good soil, the Ch9 grows very well with these soils. Pure coco has tendency to compact while watering, add some perlite or pre mix soil.
- No osmoses water for germinating seeds.
- Avoid lower temperature than 15 degrees Celsius at night or too much fluctuation.
- Avoid overfeeding young plants using boosters or any of the following
ga3, ethylene, cytokinins, auxins, (Robert Connell Clarke Marijuana Botany) (small bottle supervit additives, or
superthrive contains cytokinines) it can stimulate sex reversal specially with young plants.
- Give plenty of root space.