- We accept Credit Cards , Bank wire or Cash send by mail or registered.

Indoor and Outdoor Yield 

- Outdoor yield have been updated, we have always under estimate yield, so that the average grwer can reach it easily, again now you can get 30% more yield outdoor upto 1 kg with any Ch9 strains with ideal condition/ soil and season/ vegetation time, but we set it 30% less so it can easily be reach with a  minimum of efforts and soil/vegetation time/season.

Bulk Seeds Sale

- We have packs of 100 and 500 seeds, 1000, 5000, 10 000, 50 000 seeds packs will have to be purchased via bank transfer only.

What is your shipping options ?

- 6 euros basic fee ( for airmail, good for Europe and worldwide international ) No Tracking, we are located at 40 km from a major post who offer tracking therefor we can't go and drive 80 km for each orders, so we drop your order at the nearest box. 


How to order?  

- Simply navigate through the site, the navigation was made easy so you can go through each pages, choose a product, and click on "add to cart". Click on "check out". Then fill out the  "Billing/Payment info". The whole website is on a secure server. The whole site is secured with " HTTPS" you can check your address bar, and, or a lock, meaning you are on a secure server. 

Do you have "specials" for commercial medicinal grow, and personal growers?

- Yes we do, we carry our 50 and 100 bulk fem seed packs, so you can buy in bulk with some friends and share the seeds. No packs, but a bulk ziplock bag.   

Can you help me to locate a legal marijuana dispensaries in California or a Doctor prescribing medical use please?   

- Click one of these links please: (even if we are not located in the USA we like to help).




Do you replace lost orders or orders confiscated by customs?   

- No sorry, we do not replace lost orders, or orders confiscated by customs due to the law. When you ordered you fully agreed with our disclaimer.    

How many seeds per pack?  

- There is 5 or 10 female seeds per pack,  5 or 10 free fem seeds depend of the order . 

How do you calculate indoor yield?   

- Yields are calculated with 5 plants grown inside a minimum of  8 liters containers for 35-45 days of vegetation, under 600 watts hps light with a good extraction (minimum 600 meters cube) , room is needed for each plants to achieve a decent size before to flower.

How my order will be send?  

- We use a discreet reinforced envelope, with nothing incriminating on it. No company name. We ship same day. We ship from Spain. There is no reference to the website or seedbank featured on the package. 

Where do you ship?   

- Shipping & handling is 6 Euros, for Europe and International without tracking. We ship Worldwide for 6 Euros.

How long does it takes to receive my order?   

- Usually from 3-8 days depend of the area.  up to 20 working days depending of the postal handling and country.

What happened if my order get lost?   

- We send our orders by priority mail. There is always a risk of loss and you should be aware of this before ordering. We are not responsible for loss or customs issues.

Do you verify the legitimacy of the order online?   

- Yes we could with all sales over 149 euros, we reserve the right to call you to verify the legitimacy of your order.  

What is the cost of shipping?   

- 6 euros airmail worldwide.   

Which strains will be featured in the Big Book of Buds #4  2010 edition?  

- Ch9 Flower fem, Ch9 Jack33 fem, & Ch9 G bolt with Motarebel.  

What do you recommend to do while smoking pot medically and against combustion effects?  

- Vaporizing, and to drink a lot of fruit juice and eat very well, breathing vapor is very beneficial and all kind of alternative medicine should be considered.

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